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BV Outreach, LLC

The mission of Bible Verse Outreach is to make Bibles available, to anyone who would like one; whether that be for personal use or as a witnessing tool.  We can change the world one heart at a time.


Our steps along this path ~

In 2006-07 our family experienced a time of grief.  Three of our parents and a dear friend died unexpectedly over a 12 month period.  As sad as this was, it became an experience that would tremendously strengthened our walk in faith.  All of our strength and comfort comes through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. 


Having inherited many beautiful things from our relatives, which have brought back great memories and comfort.  Jesus put it on our hearts to honor our relatives, and Savior, by turning these possessions into Bibles to giveaway. We wrestled with this irrational request for a time, but the Lord has encouraged us; He has revealed to us that every Bible that reaches a person can build HIS kingdom.


Through our church family, friends, Christian ministries, antique booth visitors, and visitors to this site we hope to continually increase the Bibles we distribute each year.  If you would like a Bible for personal use or as a witnessing tool, or if you have questions, contact us at

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